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SUBPOENA SERVER is a Process Server, Serving:Bronx, Brooklyn, QueensNew York!

A Legal Process Server: Is one who
Serves (or delivers) legal documents to a defendant or a person
involved in a court case
We do serve the Entire New York City area,  New jersey & Long Island, but The Bronx is
Subpoena Server' s Home!
You may visit our coverage page or click on this link  SUBPOENA SERVER COVERAGE AREA

Our Rates are very competitive and are the same as well for Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, North Jersey & certain parts of Long Island!

As a courtesy to you, below are helpful important court links you may need or find useful!
The Images are court links as well!
You may also find forms you may need on the links!

* Supreme Court of the State of New York
* Family Court of the State of New York
* Civil Court of the City of New York
* Surrogate Court of the State of New York
* United States District Court
* United States Bankruptcy Court
* Small Claims Court
* New York State Probate Court
* New York State Court of Claims
* New York Court of Appeals
* New York State Department of Labor

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