Please fax your Process to: 877-204-2646

Be sure to attach a cover sheet with all your contact info:

Please Specify: Attorney/Law Firm or Individual Plaintiff 
*Best phone number to reach you & ext number if any
*Full Address: including city, state, zip code, suite or apartment number
*Email address

Defendant's Info:
Instructions from you as follows:
Serve: Mr/Ms John or Jane Doe
At: Full address including city state, zip code and apartment number of
       where you would like this defendant served
Provide Correct Location:
Please Note: Defendant can be Served other than the residence or work location. you may provide
us with the easiest location to serve, however incorrect or incomplete info will result in additional
charges, so please be sure to provide us with correct info.
Serve by:Please Provide Final Date Process Can be Served instructed
                 by the Courts!
*comments if any regarding the defendant:

 such as description, a picture if you have any sent to us by email,
 time returning or leaving for work, on or off on Saturdays or
 anything you may want to tell to help serve

*After you Faxed Process you must call us to confirm we have received it!
New York Office: 646-721-2960
New Jersey Office: 201-780-4145
Email: ProcessNY@gmail.com

Once we have your Process we will send you a payment link by email
for the total amount discussed on the phone.
You will be able to make a payment by: Debit/Credit or Pay Pal
If you choose to mail a payment, Process will not be served till we receive
the payment!
Once payment is made you are all set!
Please Allow 3-5 business days for Process to be Served!
We will contact you on each and every attempt we make!

Please Note: Same day, next day or next two days serve request
is considered Rush Service, different Rates May Apply & Vary!

Standard Rates are applied only for 3-5 business Days Serve!

If you applied for Standard Serve time and we serve sooner, you
will not be charged extra!

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