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Subpoena Services Nationwide United States

Fax: (877)204-2646

We cover the entire United States
Our affiliates are professionals, dedicated, responsible and licensed at states that requires a license;

We take the worries away from you as we monitor our servers nationwide step by step as they attempt your service of process;

If you have multiple defendants it is more of a reason to submit to one source handing all your legal needs nation wide with service of process, skip tracing locating your defendants, etc.
Let us do the worrying for you and continue with your important litigation without concerns that your service will be complete and in accordance to 
each state's laws.

Our experience is above and beyond as we are a NY&NJ company located and with the experience of the two of the most toughest states in the nation.  
In many states our servers use GPS software and or body cams in the case that service is being contested, the New York Term is a Traverse Hearing;

We have a very long term and outstanding relationships with our affiliates who receive assignments from us on regular basis and are committed to efficient and proper service due to the daily relationships we have established as a commitment to us.

Farther more many of our affiliates are active or retired law enforcement officers that have or have had this type of work while on duty so the experience is above and beyond;
Many of our affiliates are private investigators who serve process as well.

While searching on the internet you the client have no idea who you will be dealing with when looking to hire a server outside your local area but we know who we will be dealing with, that's the huge difference.

If all of that makes sense to you than lets get started, submit your papers and we will get your action moving;

If you wish to call for pricing please do.
To submit your assignment please see instructions below;

Simply Submit your papers by fax or email
Fax: (877)204-2646
If emailing
Please be sure to attach all copies into one single Pdf attachment with full service instructions:
Defendant's name
Full Address to be served
(please be sure to include unit number and zip codes)
All of your contact info including your full name and or law firm
Your cell number(optional)

Please indicate Rush Service or Non Rush Service
Will respond with an invoice for a payment

Payments are accepted by credit card or electronic check;