Privet Investigations

Subpoena Server Services is a New York/New Jersey Process Serving company.

Subpoena Server Services is currently being sponsored for Privet Investigations by 25 year Detectives veterans
of the NYPD with extremely high level of experience helping make your case results very effective.
With this great affiliation, our client attorneys, law firms or individuals will have the benefit of having their papers served or apply for privet investigation should their case need to.

Out main goal is to evaluate your case to see if there is a need for an investigation on top of having your papers served or you may need a privet investigation for whatever legal reason  you may need so, such as: spousal marital affairs ,insurance fraud, child support fraud and many other cases or reasons.

Our rates are very reasonable, for most cases will start at: $150.00 per hour, 3 hour minimum, however, every case may vary as we might reduce or increase the fee depending on the type case needed, time. & expense spent.

State of the art technology
You will be provided with GPS tracking proof (systems that tracks another vehicle), GPS location technology that proves the location, time and date stamp with read only google map location that proves the investigator was there at time, date and place.
Photos, videos or whatever maybe necessary to prove your case in court.