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Submitting Your Papers

Instructions for Submitting your papers:
You may Fax or Email your copies

All rates and cases must be discussed over the phone prior to submission;
Any submission without being discussed will be Rejected;

1. Please Scan all of your copies into one(1) single PDF attachment; 
2. Service instructions:
    A. Law firms: Must include all of your contact information, defendant and address 
        to be served, even that info is all on your papers;
        Please Indicate service type request: "Rush" or "Non-Rush"
        Following that we will contact your office for credit card info
        In certain cases will process card when service is complete;
   B. Pro-Se(representing yourself);
       Please Scan all of your copies into one(1) single PDF attachment; 
       (pictures please)Attach a cover page with all of your contact info which 
      * your full name 
      * Return address 
      *Phone number 
      *Defendant/Respondent: if the address to be served is already on the court
         papers than No need to provide;
      *If address is different than on the court papers than please state:
        Address to be served
Please email or fax your copies, then call to make a credit/debit card payment

You may scroll down, click on the file below to print out the service instructions
Please note: if you have no access to a scanner or fax, you may attend a staples 
or any ups store for quick fast service


Nov 1, 2017, 6:51 AM