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No time to spare in serving your papers?
Other process servers failed to serve the Defendant?
Frustrated with a Defendant evading process of service to avoid paying child support, a paternity determination, visitation, custody, a summons or subpoena to appear in court?

Lets start with the following premise:  is personal service guaranteed to be successful? 
Can an attorney ever guarantee victory in a case? 
Are there any guaranties in life?
We all know the answer to those questions is absolutely NO!

But, if a process server is fully committed, understands and appreciates the importance of each service request, and operates in full accordance with the law - is the success rate not likely to be higher?
We all know that the answer to this question is an unequivocal YES!

Our experience has shown that proper and timely process service is an indispensable element of all court matters. Without process of service the court simply cannot consider a lawsuit -- no service, no case! A delay or failure in proper service means a roadblock in your case.

With that in mind - our guarantee is this: we will use our best effort 100% of the time. We ALWAYS work with you as a team - gathering all pertinent facts and information to locate the defendant, keeping you abreast of our progress via telephone and e-mail. You are never left wondering about our progress and we never fail to make the necessary inquiries to maximize the chances of our success. 

Our customers, attorneys and individuals alike,  remain loyal to us because of our commitment to speedy and effective service in accordance to applicable laws and procedures in each and every case. You will never have to follow up with us and we will never lose track of our orders. In fact, we are so certain of this guarantee that references from attorneys and individuals are always available upon request. 

Services Provided in Difficult Cases: 
What is a Stake-Out? It is what the police commonly refer to as surveillance.
Our process server spends time in the area where the defendant is expected to appear, such as a place of work or residence, and serves the specified individual upon spotting.
Repeat Attempts
Alternatively, we can  make multiple attempts at service at a specified location (with the exception of a government building or office) until we are successful in serving the specified individual.  

We will be glad to provide you with more details regarding our process and techniques to accomplish service on difficult cases. We pride ourselves with our success rate in serving defendants that continuously avoid process of service. We have learned that it takes proper communication, knowledge, skill and motivation to serve an evasive defendant, especially when time is of the essence. Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your process service needs.

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