Subpoena Services International

  • The Hague Service Convention
  • Inter-American Convention on Letters Rogatory
  • Letters Rogatory, non-convention countries

To learn more about the countries that are not part or part of the The Hague Service Convention or get pricing please call:

Subpoena Services can cover your Service of Process no matter where in the world or in the United States you need your Defendants , Witnesses or Respondents Served; 

Our Service is most reliable out there and way beyond your expectations having our experts 
work on your legal services.
Our reputation proves it time and time again, we will make sure that your legal actions will be  fully complete with  proper Service of Process.

We can cover your whole legal case of defendants with 1 single submission to us.

You will  be required to do the following:
1.Call over the phone to discuss the whole case and pricing.
2.Submit your copies of the case by fax or email.
3.Please be sure that All Copies are attached into 1 Single PDF attachment
4.Full Service instructions including:
   A. Defendants
   B. Addresses to be Served 
   C.Please Indicate: Rush or Non-Rush

Please Note that International Services may take up to 6 months to get your defendants served, than if your Case, Index or Docket number expires within that time period you may request an extension from the courts prior to Service.

In hand Service Requests for international:
In many cases court will permit substituted services on cases that require In Hand Personal service depending on the country that service of process request will be handled.

Should your court Not permit Substituted Service, you may want to request an 
Alternate Service in advance prior to your Service Request, however most courts will accept
Substituted Service in accordance to the The Hague Service Convention.

Once Service is complete in the county of your Service Request you will receive a Certificate 
from the Authorities by email and mail.